Johnson String Instrument 2014 Holiday Sale

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Create your own outfit

Johnson String is pleased to announce that during the Holiday Sale our discount options have increased from 10% to 15% when you Create Your Own Outfit.

Purchase any 4/4 instrument from our instrument catalog, and receive a 15% discount on your *4/4 bow and 4/4 case combination.

If you're looking for a smaller instrument pre-made outfit you can still enjoy significant savings with our Shopmade instruments, perfect for first-time buyers!

*Consignment bows are not offered at a 15% discount. Please call for details.

Start Creating Your Own Outfit

Shopmade Instruments

Violins, violas, and cellos for
the first-time buyer to the advancing student.

All Instruments

Violins, violas, and cellos for
the advancing student to professional player.

3/4 Size & Smaller Shopmade Instruments Are Available As Outfits

Johnson String Instrument enjoys special relationships with some of the top stringed instrument workshops in the world. We travel regularly to view the working conditions, materials, tools and craftsmanship of the most talented makers, and to hand-select the very best instruments and bows. These shopmade instruments are then carefully inspected by JSI's own luthiers who perform precision set-ups to maximize sound quality and playability.

Many of these quality shopmade instruments are available in smaller sizes and outfits at substantial savings.

Shopmade Instruments, perfect for first-time buyers....