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George Gemunder GEORGE GEMÜNDER 1816-1899

George Gemünder, born in Germany and died in New York, and his brother August Gemünder were contemporary with the White brothers, and all four violin makers were working in New England at the same time. George Gemünder came to Boston in 1848 after working in J. B. Vuillaume's shop in Paris, and moved to New York in 1852. His violins won first place awards at the World Fairs in London in 1851, and later in Vienna and Philadelphia, and were often confused with older Cremonese violins in tone quality and appearance. Top virtuosos of his day, including Maud Powell, owned his violins, and he is known as one of the very best American makers.

This Guarneri model violin, made in Astoria, NY in 1889, is a stunning example of Gemunder's copying expertise. The violin has an antiqued red-brown varnish and is in excellent condition. The responsive, rich and projecting tone makes it a very satisfying instrument to play.