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Can you get a great-sounding and playing acoustic guitar for less than $200?
Yes you can!

These half-sized guitars offer a surprisingly rich tone combined with the ease and convenience of a smaller body, narrower fretboard, and shorter scale length. With the materials and workmanship you'd expect in instruments at more than twice the price, the AJ guitars are changing the definition of a "cheap" acoustic guitar.

Benefits of a half-size guitar

Why the small size? Most smaller guitars (often billed as "acoustic guitars for kids") are little more than toys. AJ Guitars are little powerhouses that offer all of the benefits of a larger instrument without sacrificing tone. They're all grown up!

Beginners learn more quickly
Learning to play guitar is challenging for anyone. The smaller scale of the half-sized AJ instruments make guitar chords and scales easier to reach. This reduces the strain for beginning acoustic guitar players, and lets them progress more rapidly.

Kids and people with smaller hands play more easily
The AJ models give children, as well as more experienced players, a professional sounding instrument that is appropriately sized for them.

AJ Guitars

AJ Guitars travel more conveniently
On the road or in the air, every inch counts. You'll love the ease of bringing the smaller AJ guitars with you wherever you go!

Why guitars of this quality are so affordable

Made in China, to exacting U.S. specs
The quality at the guitar factory is nothing short of phenomenal. Combined with the knowledge and experience of American designers, this results in terrific instruments at prices you won't believe.

Steel string or Nylon: Your choice

Most AJ model acoustic guitars come in either steel-string or nylon string format. Steel strings will offer a clear, bright, and projecting tone. Nylon strings offer a rich, warm tone and are much softer and more comfortable under the fingers, making them a great choice for a child or beginning player. No matter what your style, there's an AJ guitar for you.

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Size Half Size Guitars Full Size Guitars
Series AJ 200
AJ 205
AJ 300
Solid Spruce
top: strong,
AJ 400
Spruce top:
clean, crisp
AJ 500
Solid Engeman
Spruce top:
clean, crisp
AJ 550 CE
Electric with
Fishman lsys+
Guitar only see more see more see more see more see more see more
Guitar with
see more see more see more see more
Nylon String
Guitar Only
see more see more see more
Nylon String
Guitar with
see more see more see more